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Florence takes Divisional

Perfect Tournament for Lady Falcons

Makenzie Bauck and Melody Maki of Florence play tough at the net and are a couple of reasons Florence will be playing in Bozeman this weekend. File photo

Florence claimed the divisional championship on Saturday without even losing a game in any match. They swept each of their four opponents in three straight games and was only challenged in one match. Thompson Falls pushed the Lady Falcons to a 26-24 game in Florence’s second game of the tournament after losing by only three points in the first game. But the team maintained their composure and did what needed to be done to bring home the trophy and punch their ticket to Bozeman to the state tournament.
Florence defeated Troy in their opening match of the tournament on Thursday. Melody Maki controlled the net with six blocks and Casey Mann had nine kills. Makenzie Bauck controlled the tempo of the game with her passing and finished with 22 assists.
Florence def. Troy, 25-10, 25-17, 25-20.
Kills – Florence 26 (Casey Mann 9), Troy 20 (Michaela Curry 7). Blocks – Florence 13 (Melody Maki 6), Troy 2 (Hannah Tallmadge 2). Digs – Florence 74 (Taylor Maricelli 27), Troy 38 (Alanah True-Silva 8). Assists – Florence 25 (Makenzie Bauck 22), Troy 17 (Holli Higgins 15). Aces – Florence 12 (Maki 4), Troy 7 (True-Silva 2, Jordan Williams 2).
Florence then moved on to second round action against Thompson Falls. The Bluehawks had a chance in the first game with some strong play at the net but the Lady Falcons had 81 digs with Taylor Maricelli digging up 24 balls alone. Bauck again had a strong game and finished with three aces and 33 assists. Maki finished with 5 blocks and Mann had 14 kills.
Florence def. Thompson Falls, 25-22, 26-24, 25-19.
Kills – Florence 38 (Casey Mann 14), Thompson Falls 25 (Hope Reid 11). Blocks – Florence 15 (Melody Maki 5), Thompson Falls 7 (Kelsey Fitchett 2, Hope Reid 2). Digs – Florence 81 (Taylor Maricelli 24), Thompson Falls 25 (Angie Padden 7). Assists – Florence 36 (Makenzie Bauck 33), Thompson Falls 22 (Allison Vaught 20). Aces – Florence 5 (Bauck 3), Thompson Falls 8 (Fitchett 3, Vaught 3).
Next up for Florence were the Mission Bulldogs in the undefeated match on Friday. Strong play by the entire team kept Mission from gaining any momentum. Mann had 10 kills, Maki had five blocks and Courtney Byrne returned from a knee injury to drop down four aces.
Florence def. Mission 25-12, 25-13, 25-15
Kills – Florence 32 (Casey Mann 10), Mission 17 (Loren Erickson 5, Sara Nerby 5, Jenn Larson 5). Blocks – Florence 16 (Melody Maki 5), Mission 3 (Larson 2). Digs – Florence 84 (Taylor Maricelli 24), Mission 53 (Erickson 16, Sydney Allard 13). Assists – Florence 32 (Makenzie Bauck 28), Mission 12 (Sarah Bowers 12). Aces – Florence 11 (Courtney Byrne 4), Mission 1 (Stephanie Lewandowski 1)
The Lady Falcons had a familiar foe in the championship match – Thompson Falls. But just as they did in the other matches, the Lady Falcons took the Bluehawks out of the first game and never gave them a chance to recover. Maki and Bauck controlled the net with Bauck making three blocks. Mann again was the leading hitter with 15 kills. Byrne continued her comback with three aces.
Florence def. Thompson Falls, 25-14, 25-18, 25-11. Championship
Kills – Florence 39 (Casey Mann 15), Thompson Falls 19 (Hope Reid 8). Blocks – Florence 9 (Makenzie Bauck 3), Thompson Falls 10 (Kelsey Fitchett 4). Digs – Florence 90 (Melody Maki 21), Thompson Falls 36 (Allison Vaught 7, Kathleen Ribeiro 7, Logan Beckman 7). Assists – Florence 39 (Bauck 38), Thompson Falls 18 (Vaught 13). Aces – Florence 7 (Courtney Byrne 3), Thompson Falls 5 (Angie Padden 3).
Florence will play their first match against the No. 3 seed from the Southern Division, Townsend who has a record of 13-8. Florence’s only loss was to Hamilton in non conference action.

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