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Saying Right Things


Remember those times when what you said was so completely wrong

Wanting to take back the words and feeling like an utter ding-dong?

It’s a matter of putting the mouth in action before the brain,

Thought of as insane and having to explain.


We all have said the wrong thing at the wrong time

Or even the wrong thing at the right time

How about having said the right thing at the wrong time?

Always the best to utter, is the right thing at the right time.


Arguments ensue often without thinking, we’re too quick to reply

A verbal storm erupts without a chance to clarify

Being a good listener still seems the best to do

Never inclined to outdo.


New ideas and plans are always good to converse

Even about God, angels, stars and the universe

It’s generally frowned upon to talk about others and what they’ve done Unless, of course, it was meant for the good of everyone.


Derry Kempf


One Response to Saying Right Things
  1. David Irwin
    October 27, 2011 | 2:11 am

    In response to right speech: We have two ears and one mouth and it’s always a good idea to use them accordingly.

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