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Sacrifice required


Dear Editor,

As a proud great grandmother I care about my family’s future and my country’s. I grew up during the Depression. I sacrificed like all Americans did during WWII. Whether it was raising the hems on skirts to save material, growing victory gardens, rationing foods so the troops could be fed, losing close friends or dear relatives to the war, or paying the necessary taxes to fund the war, we all shared in the battle and sacrificed. We were in it together and no matter how little you had, you shared.
Fast forward. Ever since 9/11, the Afghanistan war, then the war in Iraq, the only Americans sacrificing are the troops and their families. Our former President Bush did not ask for sacrifice. Taxes were not raised to fund the wars. Indeed they were drastically cut, costing trillions, and most went to the richest. It was an historical first-cutting taxes during war. Amazingly, the wars were charged on our national credit card, costing more trillions. And we wonder why we’re in debt?
Our dear young neighbors pay less now in taxes than under Bush! They pay zero on capital gains and their payroll taxes were cut 50%. I don’t understand the complaints of the Taxed Enough Already (TEA) folks. Personal taxes are lower under Obama than Bush.
So what are some possible solutions to reducing debt and healing our economy? End the wars. Until we do, institute a war tax. End the Bush/Obama tax cuts for millionaires and billionaires. Bring back “Made in USA” manufacturing. Create a massive public works program to decrease unemployment. Regulate Wall Street to stop the corruption and prevent another meltdown. Most importantly we need to unite as a country, help our neighbors, and share in the sacrifice. Let’s get started.
Doris Adam

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