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Reserve judgment on Pastor Himes

Dear Editor,
I am writing about articles in the Ravalli Republic concerning Harris Himes. They first had an article quoting the allegations from the court (that is all they are) against him which could all be false. The “Wanted man turns himself in to police” article in the September 29th edition written by “reporter” Laura Lundquist was the perfect hit piece to kick Pastor Himes in the face when he is down and bleeding.
The article was worded from the homosexual agenda and perspective. It was an interesting hit piece. I was surprised that the “reporter” didn’t list the gum Pastor Himes chews and the toothpaste he uses so we can avoid that too.
Having researched the term “Pastor” I found that, besides meaning “a minister having charge of a congregation or group”, it also means, “a shepherd” and “a layperson having spiritual charge over a person or group”.
As far as the ministers in the local association discussing “what we could do with Himes” it reminds me of another meeting of religious leaders who asked themselves “what to do with this Christ”. Christ was also a “self-proclaimed Pastor”. As we know in studying scripture Christ was not silent in criticizing the religious leaders of the day. History reveals that clergy who were critical of the religious leaders of the day were persecuted, falsely accused, and many times put to death.
Pastor Himes’ “shepherding” was to the religious leaders today, who seem to have forgotten their special charge to stand and defend our liberty, a gift more precious than life itself.
And as anyone who studies history knows, the pastors at the time of the Revolution were the ones who prepared the people to fight, even unto the death, for our liberties. The first shots fired were shots fired in a courtyard of a church where the pastor had prepared his congregation to fight.
The “Ministerial Association” included pastors whom Pastor Himes worked with and considered his friends. He shepherded them towards defending our liberty in this most likely darkest day of the earth as we embrace depravity. In fact some of the ministers of this “Ministerial Association”, and across America, have prostituted themselves to those who will pay them the highest amount of money to tickle their ears to assure their income and in doing so ignore the great, great issues of the day and are silent. Some very notable exceptions exist, thank God.
It has been my experience over the years that “Ministerial Associations” are impotent in the fight to protect the family. Even when we drafted and ushered through the legislature the Montana Child Pornography law, few pastors stepped in to assist. No “ministerial association” helped. The associations are in this situation because they include “pastors” who embrace and condone the very sins that our God and his Apostles spoke against. And Himes, Pastor Himes, has not been hesitant in pointing that out. Besides meeting with pastors and legislators, at his own expense for many years, he spent two years writing the book “Stand” (available at which shows the historical significance and importance for us to prevent a slouch toward Gomorrah and into depravity, for we will lose our liberty that our Founder Pastors won even at great risk to their income, good names and lives.
Pastor Himes’ work has been without pay and he has been of service to Montana and its citizens in support of the values that have made this country strong and to resist those “values” which will destroy marriage, the very purpose for the earth’s creation. He has done this work because of his love for liberty.
The “reporter” pointed out that Pastor Himes was a “ham radio” operator. Why? Does that make other ham radio operators bad? Or does it make Pastor Himes worse? We thought it was a tender mercy when the FCC gave him his license and call sign. Ham radio operators often associate the suffix of the call to something close so they can remember it. His call sign was KF7COP. Pastor Himes was happy to see that the COP stood for his ministry and calling: Calling On Pastors.
For some reason, either to demonize him or “Valley Watch” the author had to associate the two, which was totally false.
It was interesting that the Ravalli Republic articles left out the fact that even if the dream to open a homeless shelter in our valley was Gary Locke’s, the generosity of Pastor Himes in providing the place and property to do so is what made it happen. Gary didn’t even wait till the rooster crowed to not only abandon Pastor Himes when these allegations were made, but to abandon those who needed a home to stay in.
Pastor Himes, over the many years that I have known him, has always reached out a helping hand to the downtrodden and those in need. This homeless shelter is just one of many examples. Again, he didn’t do it for pay. He would be the first to say he is not perfect but we need to remember our duty to consider him innocent until a jury finds him guilty and in any circumstance, we as Christians need to remember our sacred duty towards a brother.
Dallas D. Erickson

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  1. mike stark
    October 13, 2011 | 11:55 am

    So……….you proclaim kinship. Not surprising.

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