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Liberal policies bad for America


Dear Editor,
I just returned from a visit to the East Coast to see Mom and all the relatives. My Mom is 96 now, in good health, full of beans and opinions. That made me happy and comfortable knowing that a great lady is going to be still kickin’ my butt for years to come.
What I did see in my trip that bothers me immensely is the attitude of people I talked to and watched along the way. I sincerely believe that this great country is in the grips of a great depression and not just one that is financial in nature. Granted, I was raised in the 50’s, where I wish I still was, in a community where schools were good, church was part of everyday life and teenagers got into trouble and raised hell with their parents. Rock and Roll, Brylcreem, “Hoods”, and fast cars were no parents’ dream.
We got along and made do with what we earned. Both my parents worked and the three kids found jobs at an early age on paper routes, as busboys or in a pet store cleaning cages. My Dad was a New York City Policeman who was also volunteer fireman in our town on Long Island. I’m proud of what they did and extremely grateful that we received a tough, but fair upbringing. We learned the value of hard work and the importance of family.
So, to the point. I learned a lesson this trip. The people that I met in my travels, my family members, my friends and associates from years past are depressed and frightened about the future of this nation. I may be a dyed in the wool conservative but that does not hold true for many in my circle. My old neighborhood was, and is, very Irish, Polish, German (all Pro-Union) and Jewish (very Liberal). Quite a mix but with strong convictions and opinions that were never timid.
Most of these people are upset about the leadership of the country, especially Obama. In frank discussions they have said that his vision is not what they expected. While it was obvious that he wanted to change certain aspects of America, he has failed miserably. The feeling that was expressed is that this man has no right to be the President of these United States. He has “No idea how to run a business, a township, a City or a Nation”. I heard, time and again that he won because those who voted for him wanted something or “someone” new. He certainly has been!
An example of this is my brother’s best friend. “Richie” has been out of work for over three years and although he keeps trying he is unable to break into a new field or find any employment at all. “Richie” has a wife who is employed and two young daughters. “Richie” is depressed almost to the point of no return and we are all worried about his well being. They contribute where possible to help “Richie” and his family with dinners, BBQ’s, jobs that can help him find work around the homes, yards, etc.
The other side of the coin is those who would rather not work; those who rather take what they consider is their due. That is becoming more and more prevalent in the country. The liberals in America want to continue to give to those who do not provide like services to their country. I read a recent survey of those who receive food stamps, welfare and other government benefits and was surprised to hear that each household has multiple T.V.’s with cable access, CD players, computers, cellphones, Ipods, and so much more. In some cases more than the average Joe who goes to work everyday.
Folks, you and I are paying for all that. I will go to the wall to support their need to take care of their children in school and health wise. I will support their Social Security benefits and their Medicare. Like myself, these are things I worked for and earned. I will even take some cuts in benefits if it would help this country get back on its feet.
Unemployed and trying is different than unemployed and expecting to be taken care of. There are too many people expecting the later.
Again, remember that many of those I talked to are liberal, sometimes to the extreme. They are worried and know they made a mistake last election. My friends in the unions relate the same story but are forced to “toe” the union line. They do not like the current President (and Congress – Republican or Democrat) at all in conversation around the kitchen table but in public they must be tough and support what the union leaders propose.
Most of my relatives, friends and associates think that America can do much better. It’s amazing how many regret their decision to vote for Obama and resulting chaos he has wrought. His political speeches, his promises, his well hidden hatred for any other idea(s) other than his own has come to the forefront. I think I made a few converts on this trip. I seriously doubt that New York will swing away from Obama but maybe some cracks will appear. I hope so.
And here in Montana? Absolutely no different. Most are depressed on all levels and we, unlike Obama, do not blame it all on President Bush. We have a good chance to elect, on many levels, people who we hope will have many of the same moral and ethical values that we have. Here’s hoping!
Note: After writing this the New York 9th Congressional District voted for the first Republican in about 99 years. Not too far from the area I was raised in. The Obama Administration just shrugs it off as an anomaly but I feel it’s a statement of dissatisfaction with the liberal politics that are putting America at great risk.
Stu Dobbins

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