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Everyone’s disappointed

Bitterroot citizens of all sizes, shapes, and political stripes are justly bewildered, disappointed, and angry with the decisions of the majority of our Ravalli County Commissioners. The “majority” I speak of are the recent tea party additions: Kanenwisher, Stoltz, and Foss. These three are so close-minded, so ideological, so sure and full of themselves that they’re blind to reason, common sense, and basic moral integrity. Worst of all, because it must be said, they are hypocrites. Examples are rampant. Here’s three.
First, they ran on a platform of keeping government out of “social issues” like health insurance. Indeed, they hate government health insurance. Through our county the commissioners get Cadillac, taxpayer funded insurance (or a healthy replacement stipend). Did they reject this benefit they hate and don’t believe in? No. Hypocrites.
Second, they promised not to accept federal money because they’re tea party faithful and “fiscal conservatives.” Well, what do they do? They apply for a federal grant (our taxpayer money) to do a redundant, wasteful airport environmental assessment, less than a year after the first assessment! Shame on you three for deceiving us and pandering to out-of-state millionaire jetsetters.
Third, they cut 20+ county jobs without ever looking at the elephants in the room – themselves! The obvious, moral high road would be for two commissioners to resign now, having repeatedly stated five commissioners are two too many. Smaller, more effective government, saving us well over $100,000. Or how ‘bout going half time, saving us about $135,000? This could reinstate jobs that truly are needed and critical (e.g. county nurse) as opposed to keeping two redundant commissioners. Makes sense, right? But the fact they never considered this, not even reducing the government benefits they don’t believe in, makes them bald-faced hypocrites. Plain and simple.

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