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Taxpayers should be outraged


Dear Editor,

Another blackmail lawsuit. This time our district judges suing our commissioners. Grow up people, the County has no money! I don’t know about you, but I’ve had enough. Time we all sit back and see who this is hurting. Of course, the taxpayers. The people who elected you to work for us. If our district Judges (who are supposed to be non partisan) sue our commissioners over cutting their budgets, who pays? We do! The commissioners will not have a choice but to levy the taxpayers of Ravalli County. Judge Bailey, calling the commissioners “right wing fruitcakes.” Sorry judge, you won’t get my vote in 2012. How immature, how irresponsible, how unethical. The people of Ravalli County want our elected officials to stop, and do the jobs we elected them to do! I am sick and tired of this. Oh – how many of you know that many people in this state our watching our current commissioners, because they are getting things done, and doing it the right way? They are being watched as a good example. Frankly, I’m proud they have the guts to stand up to the handful of people, who obviously would be upset with government no matter who was in office. QUIT – and let’s get back to work for the people of Ravalli County. We should all be outraged!
Lilya McAlister

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