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Obama’s plans not new

Dear Editor,

Obama’s recently stated plans are not new, including:
1. Increasing tax revenue, plus demanding that rich Americans pay a “fair share” of their income,
2. Increasing spending,
3. Creating new jobs, paid for by the above items – but many economists think that is contrary to creating new jobs, and
4. Decreasing the debt, using phony accounting.
Obama is still in the campaign mode – trying to blame his failures and shortcomings on Republicans – not new. Obama is not leading the country in the right direction – not new.
The only new thing about Obama is that a recent poll indicates 72% of Americans finally agree that America is headed in the wrong direction!
Obama wants to take America out of its doldrums by pushing his tried, proven methods. The only problem, however, is that his tried methods have been proven not to work in the recent past and likely would only get America “another year older and deeper in debt!” Obviously, Obama does not believe in the “lessons learned” approach to solving continuing problems.
The heading in the wrong direction 72% statistic indicates many Americans are very disgusted with Obama‘s leadership! However, there is a very positive way of interpreting that statistic – 72% of Americans are happy that we won’t have to look at, or listen to him after late January 2013! That thought is new and extremely exciting.
Jerry Haslip


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