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Obama’s game


Dear Editor,

Obama’s Game (Great American Marxist Experiment) is over, a failure. Marxism goes against the basic human instincts that freedm is a natural, God-given right, that what you make or earn is yours to keep, that family, not government, is the basic social unit. Democrats have historically been the party to raise taxes and increase the size of government. But Obama, Reid and Pelosi have taken these mistaken policies to the extreme. In addition, the idea that another $450 billion could make a difference in an economy well north of $14 trillion is laughable. Look at all the spending government has done and what it has not accomplished. $800 billion “stimulus”, cash for clunkers, tax credits for energy efficiency, bailouts of car companies and “investments” in doomed solar power companies. We are bleeding bad and no amount of spending cuts or stimulus is going to change this situation.

Wolfgang Kuhn


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