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Plea made for Animal Control officer position


By Michael Howell

At a meeting to consider adoption of the FY 2012 Budget, Peg Platt of the Animal Control Board made a plea to the County Commissioners to maintain the position of Animal Control Officer. The Commissioners’ budget would eliminate that position as well as the position of Animal Control Administrator.

Platt told the Commissioners that the ACO position was crucial to enforcement of the county’s Animal Control Ordinance passed in 2007.

“Because of ACO visibility and enforcement of dog licensing, our monthly revenue has increased from $500 per month in February and March to $1,200 per month in July and August,” said Platt. She argued that the revenues produced by the ACO could conceivably pay for the position if it was allowed to continue. She said a survey revealed that there are approximately 14,200 dogs in the county. She said in a perfect world this would net $142,000 annually in license fees.

“The dogs are there,” said Platt. “They are required by law to be licensed. ACO visibility has markedly increased licensing. Without an ACO, collections will plummet.”

Platt said with rabies in the valley the ACO position was crucial for safety reasons. She said an additional $20,000 from the General Fund was all that would be needed to continue the position for another year and see if the collections come in. She said it was not a lot to ask.

2 Responses to Plea made for Animal Control officer position
  1. Marc Cooke
    September 22, 2011 | 8:22 pm

    Does any of this really surprise anyone? Unfortunately, most hardworking Ravalli County constituents dont have the luxury to sit in on these county commissioner hearings. If they did they would quickly learn that these are stacked meeting/hearings the favor the commissioners and special interest cronies. Which brings up another good point. That is, why is the video and audio capabilities that are already in place in the Commissioners meeting rooms not being utilized? Answer is to mislead the public and not be held accountable for their (Commissioners) deceptive, manipulative practices! I encourage everyone to check Ravalii County Watchdog at

  2. Lee Tickell
    September 22, 2011 | 3:35 am

    The Animal Control Officer is a good example of how the Ravalli County Commissioners are mishandling the FY 2012 budget process. The County Commissioners say that the layoffs of 17 employees is driven by revenue short falls. If so then why is the ACO being laid off where revenue is up and the position is self supporting? The Commissioners are also unilaterally laying her off when she has a signed letter of employment guaranteeing her a one year term until December 31, 2011. And the rest of the story – when the first public comment during the budget hearing asked JR Iman if he had dogs and if they were licensed, Commissioner Iman refused to answer. Perhaps the reason – he has dogs and makes clear he is breaking the law and refuses to license his animals. You have to be “proud” of that mindset.

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