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Putting space program in perspective

Dear Editor,
The completion of the scheduled Shuttle mission and its return to earth ends a historic program of near earth space operations and the establishment of the first earth orbiting space station. The nature of the program is all there in the official title, Space Transportation System (STS). The STS was not intended to travel space beyond earth orbit nor was the Shuttle intended as a space exploration vehicle. The last spacecraft intended to take humans into space exploration operations beyond earth’s orbit was the Apollo which ended decades ago preceding the STS. Both programs took humans into the hostile and deadly environs of space beyond the earth’s atmosphere. But exploration of deep space has not happened as yet. The planet Mars, and or asteroid exploration, are popular candidates.

Now what has happened? Well, the U.S.A. owns the only space telescope that cannot be maintained any longer. The Space Station funded and owned by the U.S.A. cannot be available to our country if Russia wishes to ban us from our spacecraft in operation by simply saying no seat available. How does that hit you?
Sputnik was “first in space” (very low earth orbit visible to the naked eye at night). And then Russia put the first human into near orbit. Next the U.S.A. starts the Mercury spacecraft program followed by the Gemini spacecraft program that was followed by the Apollo spacecraft program and the landings on the Moon. Then the Space Station activities involved the Space Transportation System better known as the Space Shuttle, the bus to the International Space Station which could not exist without the integration of the S.T.S. developed, funded, built and operated by the American Government.

The other day I watched a news clip of our astronaut being shoehorned into the Russian launch vehicle for a ride to the American funded, designed, and built International Space Station as a passenger. This is all wrong. We abandon the “last frontier” because it’s too expensive. We have some nutcases in government that are trying to take money away from old people and deny pay to our armed forces veterans and in general lower the standard of living of our citizens at the same time with full knowledge of their motives elevating the obscene living standards of the already wealthy citizens because they are the few people that really count. The most blatant example of this is the retrograde degenerative minds of the “Tea Party” adherents. I’m sure their mantra of “I’m mad” has no more substance than that. Now lo and behold this sickness has started festering a special poison in the in the composition of the Ravalli County Commission. At first I considered the Commissioners to be a big joke. But their malignant nature needs to be excised. Removing this scabbery can only be by recalling the entire Commission.
If the Republican Party and their core of Tea Partiers really believe in reality, why not end the adventures justified with pitiful and false accusations of phantom weapons of mass destruction later changed to Islamic religious terrorists the Republicans started in the Middle East? Think of the billions of dollars being spent monthly chasing people who can disappear at will in countries that only tolerate our presence because of the money we spend. History will repeat itself and in five years after we stop waging war of body count on their soil nobody will remember why and what for. You nutcases that want to reduce the living standard of America need some of that brain food being advertised on TV. I don’t believe they understand they are Americans like the rest of us. Well, maybe not. Will “trickle down” economics provide special enhancement? It never worked in the past. Rich people want more. But like the proliferation of “gated communities” maybe channeled “trickle down” will work if the fountainhead has enough money that is safe from proper taxing.
Earl Pollard

Obama Is Number 1

Dear Editor,

Suspicions confirmed, Obama is now number one. Obama is the first American president to have our nation’s credit rating downgraded from AAA to AA+. What a dubious honor! I hope that all you flaming liberals are now happy – but no, you and any logically, rationally thinking Americans have to be appalled by this president. This is another of many, many nails in his presidential reelection coffin – regardless of how many bucks he sucks out of irresponsible donors! Intellectually dishonest are the only words that one can think of to describe someone who supports Obama and contributes to his reelection!
To put things in the lowest common denominator, Obama stinks! Obama is devoid of leadership capabilities, putting our nation’s financial and security interests beyond risk, losing our position as a world leader.
Jerry Haslip

No mo PP

Dear Editor,

This world, even America, has gotten pretty sucky!!! NOT due to Democrats, Liberals, terrorists, Progressives or even satan himself, but because of many who call themselves Christian without being a Christian. Selfish, arrogant politicians aside, too many Christians looked the other way as innocent blood is shed, resulting in God lifting His favor and hand of protection from America and the results are unbearably obvious. Some have gotten too comfortable, apathetic, complacent, self oriented~~~and fearful!! Wakey wakey people! You aren’t doing your job! Bingo and potlucks aren’t enough! Face it! Some of you dropped the ball! You shouldn’t have whimpered and hid! When you fold your hands and don’t do the right thing, you are a hindrance and God holds YOU accountable because YOU are supposed to know better and solve problems, not BE a problem! Stop expecting others to take care of everything! Thank God for modern day heroes like Dallas Erickson, Gene Williams and Theresa Manzella who care more about people, exposing lies and honoring God, than being falsely accused and criticized! Jesus too helped people as He made them uncomfortable. It’s not too late for the whole body of Christ to get on task! The Church and families are supposed to take care of the needy and those who cannot speak for themselves. NOT the gov! They take our money and spend it ANY way THEY want! Stop them! Tell them NO MORE! No more of OUR money for killing the innocent ones! Tell the gov to stop funding PP and other “health” clinics that supply phone numbers for abortion stores, AND the day after pill which causes a baby in the embryonic stage to be aborted! Those little ones in their mom’s tummies are thinking all is well and are depending on you!! Save them! God tells us: If MY people turn from THEIR wicked ways, THEN I will heal their land. Give you any ideas?

Catherine Sue Kulonis



‘Be like Ron!’
Dear Editor,

At last week’s county commissioner meeting, I was saddened and shocked to see so few people agree with our commissioners that it’s immoral to accept Title X funding for our county’s family planning program. Lots of people showed up and most of them, like 97%, didn’t support the personal values of Commissioners Matt Kanenwisher and Suzy Foss.
Ethics, morals, and values, these are complicated and can set one’s mind spinning and that makes me dizzy. I’ve come to look to Commissioner Ron Stoltz as a role model; he leaves the thinking to Matt and Suzy. I urge you to do the same; it makes life so much easier.
For more than thirty years, county commissioners (most of them Republicans) approved Title X funding. Finally two commissioners, Suzy and Matt, stuck to their personal moral code no matter who it hurts. How can you help but admire such self-confidence in knowing what’s right and wrong for everyone? Maybe it comes from having been raised Lutheran, but I just couldn’t do that without blushing.
Giving away health care and family planning to low-income women is simply wrong. Matt and Suzy don’t need frivolous facts to understand this, they just know it; which means that Ron now knows it too… as should you. Poverty is God’s way of saying, “Get a job!”
To paraphrase Stephen Colbert, my moral compass, everyone knows “a woman’s health decisions are a private matter between her priest, her husband, and the county commissioners.” Women are prisoners of their emotions. In contrast men are always in control. Well, except when all the blood rushes out of their head and into another extremity… but that’s how God intended it. Women are constantly on the edge of “nympho-maniacal-orgiastic abandon.” Giving them free contraception will only turn them into wanton harlots, especially poor women. And, as Suzy so astutely pointed out, they’re bad parents to begin with.
Matt and Suzy, you ran on a platform proclaiming that the government should not meddle in our personal affairs. I thank you. But I was just thinking and a little question came to mind. You’re our county government and you’re imposing your personal morals on our personal affairs and that seems antithetical to… Whoa! I started thinking for myself. That’s a dangerous path to follow. Please, tell me what to do. In the meantime, I’ll repeat my mantra, “Be like Ron. Be like Ron.”

Bruce Weide


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