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Obama must run on his record

Dear Editor,

Let’s consider what liberal 2012 voters should remember about Obama’s distinguished performance as president of our country so far – can’t think of one good thing!
Now, let’s consider the top ten things that informed 2012 voters likely will remember about Obama’s lackluster performance so far:
1) He forced an ill-conceived Obamacare upon us that our economy can’t afford;
2) He took an unhealthy American economy and made it extremely worse;
3) He signed legislation that promised an unemployment rate of less than eight percent;
4) He spent nearly $300,000 for every job created;
5) He took our national debt from about $8 trillion to $14 trillion in 2 and ½ years;
6) He bows to foreign Muslim leaders;
7) He has lost respect of world political leaders;
8) He hindered our legislative leaders trying to find a resolution to our debt ceiling and continued spending problems;
9) He blames others for our country’s problems and has lost support of independent voters;
10) He blew Boehner’s confidence in debt ceiling/spending reduction negotiations!
Is it possible that any rationally thinking, informed American can vote for four more years of Obama’s political hell? We are smarter than that! Be informed, stop uncontrolled spending, return to fiscal sanity, stop the Obama plague, and vote based upon his record in 2012!
Jerry Haslip


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