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A (not so little) county problem

By Kathie Roubik, Hamilton

The Ravalli County Commission and Commissioner Kanenwisher have a little problem with the Constitution and the foundation of our Republic. The U.S. is a democratic republic, of, by and FOR the people. We are not servants of the Imperial Government. The commission was not elected to rule us. They are not an anointed Commission.

The commissioners are servants of the people. They were elected to serve us. Kanenwisher, and the rest of “Suzy and the Imperials” have it all backwards. We have sat quietly in meetings, not shouting threats as their ilk did for four previous years. We tolerated their “two minutes to speak” rule, not in respect for them, but for respect to the government they represent. We have watched this commission make mistakes with tolerance. ”They are new, they will learn” as they paid off their political debts to those who supported them.

These individuals ran with a treasurer who was unqualified, elevated an unqualified politician to a job he knows little about (switched job requirements to suit him), passed a  ridiculous  major development at Grantsdale, passed FlatIron which threatens the health of the Valley physically and financially while it pays off another supporter or two, delayed the airport and the jobs we need, and now attacks the rights of the people with a full frontal assault.

They made the county a member of the organization they joined, and now we are advised by a Texas outfit on how to govern ourselves. That’s right, we are to govern ourselves. Check the Constitution, the real document not the Constitution Party version, and realize that the people are the boss here, not some Texas consultant.

The Freedom of Information Act was not passed to preserve the rights of commissioners to make shady real estate deals, but to provide information to the people on the activities of government.

We hear your jackboots thumping in the halls the people built. Mussolini made the trains run on time and put rules and regulations in place, but the Italian people literally got rid of him and his rules. Italians love freedom, but don’t have our system which guarantees freedom. Mattie Mussolini isn’t empowered to change that guarantee Americans cherish.

We have seen strict controls imposed on people before by emperors, kings and fascist governments. We are not the servants of the local government; the idea is laughable. We are the sovereign citizens of the United States, with full protections and rights. This is not to be forgotten, ever, by towns or counties or the State, or the Federal Government.

So, put away the jackboots Mattie, and think, J.R., before you slam down your gavel at the two minute limit, and the rest of you, Imperials, we are not your servants, but by powers recognized by the Constitution, we the people are citizens of a mighty country, where liberty, not libertarians, rule.


2 Responses to A (not so little) county problem
  1. Michael Sokol
    July 31, 2011 | 10:04 pm

    We can’t change stupid people but we can vote them out.

  2. kelsey milner
    July 27, 2011 | 3:27 pm

    Kathie Roubik is right on the money. The Board of Commissioners, and Kannenwisher in particular, appear to feel that the public gets in the way of efficient government (read the new “provisional” meeting policy recently adopted by the commission). This is incredible! What country are we living in?

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