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Were these your kids?

Dear Editor,
Last Thursday I was traveling into Missoula for an appointment. As I was passing through Metropolitan Florence, a little after nine, I was startled as a red Team Bus flashed by in the left lane… The posted speed limit was 45 right there, but I’d estimate the bus was doing about 60 as it sped past. Outside of Florence I got caught in a five-car bunch-up as the same bus was going 65 or less and blocking the left lane. Two cars beside it in the right lane, two behind, and me. When it finally cleared up I locked the cruise control on 70. Entering Lolo I slowed at the signs, drove the speed limit through town and was passed again before I made it out to the 65 zone again. 
I know this is getting boring, but just doing the posted 65 mph speed limit I passed the bus again before hitting Missoula’s city limits. I finally lost track of it when it passed me again in the 45 zone just after Wal-Mart. I can only admire the driver’s adherence to the “truck” speed limit on the open highway, but was confused by his seemingly excessive speed everywhere else I observed him. The whole trip had me wondering if those Team Parents had any idea of how their children were being chauffeured to the game. How does your school compare?

Ted C. Hall

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