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Support for medical marijuana

Dear Editor,
I pick up the Star each Wednesday, never takes me long to read it, but it’s local, and it’s ours. On the back page of the May 5th issue was an advertisement paid for by our friends and neighbors reminding me of something very important. Freedom, and a simplified explanation thereof.
The medical marijuana reform / legislation (ie…Bickering & Fighting) is not about Marijuana at all, NOW it is about Civil Rights. Our founding fathers gave us rights when they wrote the constitution, rights that are about to be ripped from your hands right in front of your eyes. We have the right to vote, those of us that voted knew exactly what we were voting for, we may have had many different views on HOW it would be done, but we KNEW what we voted for. The few bad apples aside (they come in all walks of life, lawyers, doctors, politicians, whatever) criminals will be criminals, period. If aspirin was outlawed a new criminal enterprise would open. Fact: when you vote you don’t always win, but you voted. You had your say. You get to complain all you want. To take that vote away (regardless of what the vote was for) and say Nah, we don’t think you really knew what you were voting for is to say you / we / me are stupid and they (our government leaders) are going to do what they think is best.
That is COMMUNISM! Hello? You don’t HAVE to like the medical marijuana bill, you don’t HAVE to approve, and Jason Christ may have changed your mind about the whole deal (there’s always a bad apple somewhere), but it’s not about that anymore, now it’s about your rights. We might as well just hang it up, turn in our guns, books, and bibles. If the majority is overturned, regardless of the vote, we have already lost. EVERYONE.
I am a registered voter, I am signing the petition, I am NOT a cardholder, I am signing because if I don’t there is no longer a reason for me to vote, I am too stupid to make a rational decision on my own behalf.

Kim French

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